You Can Have a Container Water Garden Anywhere

You Can Have a Container Water Garden Anywhere

As hard as it is for my friends to believe, I’ve always been a child of nature at heart. I love the woods, the ponds, and all the little water plants like cattails, water-lilies, lotus, cabomba, and lush green ferns. In my mind I wander the marshy edges of ponds and feel like I’m in a heaven created just for me.

Why is it that my friends find this hard to believe about me? It might be because I’ve lived my entire life in the middle of the concrete jungle. I’ve never had a yard, a garden, a koi pond, or a backyard fountain. And yet, I can dream.

You’d be amazed at the number of times I’ve lain awake at night picturing the beautiful, spacious yard of my dreams, only to wake up to the reality of apartment living and a tiny terrace. Sad, isn’t it! Yet, I finally learned something that saved me from complete environmental shock. I discovered that even with just that little terrace, I could still create my own water garden. After all, the terrace is nice and sunny which is ideal for a water garden. Think of it! My own container water garden!

My sunny terrace will provide the perfect habitat for my water garden. I found the easiest thing I could do would be to bring in a large tub and a few aquatic plants. However, I am lucky enough to have the space to design something more fulfilling, something more elaborate. I would use several containers, rocks, and a fountain with a circulating pump to create my city oasis. All the things I needed were available at my local home improvement store.

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Creating Your Own Container Water Garden

With a container water garden, it’s all about location, location, location. No garden will flourish without adequate amounts of sunshine throughout the day. If you have a tree that overhangs your space, it may cause a problem for two reasons: it can keep the sun from getting to your garden, and it will drop leaves into the water which will decay and look nasty.

You’ll need to be sure and choose plants that will hold up in your climate and which are suited for use in a water garden. Use the size of your container to guide you as far as the plants you buy. You will find suitable plants in four basic types which are:

* Floating water plants: Hyacinth and cabomba are examples of this type of plant which float on the surface of the water. You don’t even need to plant them. Their roots trail behind them in the water and absorb the nutrients they need.

* Surface plants: These include water lilies, lotus, and floating yellow heart. Surface plants take root in the bottom of the container and then send leaves to the surface.

* Submerged plants: This type of plants live completely underwater. They provide a needed service in water gardens, because they help keep the nutrients in balance. They are also prolific, though, so you’ll need to keep them thinned out.

* Marginal or bog plants: Just like their name says, these plants grow naturally along the edges of ponds. Some of the plants that fall into this category are dwarf cattails, black taro, and sweet flag. They grow by keeping stems and roots submerged in the water.

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In selecting the plants you’d like to have in your container water garden, the size of your container will dictate the plants you buy. Never have more plants than what will cover approximately 2/3 of the surface of the water. You never want to overcrowd your plants.