What Makes Great Flooring?

Laminate and vinyl flooring had been a longstanding popular choice for homeowners all over the world. It is cheaper than tiling and easier to maintain than wood flooring. This makes it a great choice for anybody who is looking to re-floor their kitchen, bathroom or utility room.
So why has this option of flooring become so popular? Well price is the main reason. Manufacturing cost is fairly small so it can be sold cheaper than other products. Also because of the material it feels softer when walked on giving you a cushioning feeling that you just don’t get with tiles. It is also a lot easier to fit, some people are comfortable fitting it themselves but even employing a fitter is a cheap option compared to the time it takes to fit tiles.
If fitting yourself there are a couple of things to bear in mind. Always fit vinyl on to an even surface. If the surface below the vinyl is rough and uneven then air will get trapped under the surface resulting in a bubbling effect which is not pleasing on the eye. It is best to either plaster the floor prior to fitting your new flooring or laying an even underlay underneath.
Caring for your new vinyl flooring is relatively easy. Harsh chemicals may damage the surface so standard, diluted floor cleaner and a decent mop will be all that is required to keep your new floor clean and shiny. If possible buy a specialist vinyl cleaner as it will be more suited to the job but most all in one floor cleaners will say that they are suitable. If it doesn’t say so on the tub it best to air on the side of caution and choose a different option.
The final and best thing about this type of flooring is it can come in any shade or pattern. You may want wood but not want to incur the cost so you can buy vinyl that has a wooden effect pattern so it look like wood but doesn’t have the cost. This is only one example, you can usually pick from any colour and any pattern so you select the flooring that is perfect for the room that it is going to be laid in and not have to settle for the closest match.
This we feel should give you a good basis for purchasing your new flooring.

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