What Are the Fundamental Aspects of Landscaping Design?

What Are the Fundamental Aspects of Landscaping Design?

A home’s landscaping to many homeowners is as important as the interior of the home. The home’s exterior design is more than the few customary shrubs. It is a reflection of the owners themselves. Unity is important in the design because, a common theme is essential to bring it all together. The exterior theme can be for attracting birds, butterflies or for simplicity and low maintenance.

Owners just starting out should take a few minutes to decide on a theme. To get the right balance, individuals must learn what plants are native and what ones may require extra care. Native plants tend to be hardier, which means owners can spend more time enjoying instead of tending finicky plants. It is important to know what the plants will look like once they have reached maturity. Plants can quite easily outgrow their space, which can crowd out other plants.

Know what plants will require constant pruning to keep them contained. Shrubs left unattended will make the area look busy, and chaotic. Shrubs make excellent privacy and noise barriers, so plant them to block a busy street. Allow plenty of room around the hedges for pruning. Crowding will only cause an individual to trample other plants while trimming. Typically, hedges and shrubs that require constant pruning will not attract butterflies and birds.

Look for balance, are the flowerbeds all the same shape and are plants grouped by size and colour. While, flowerbeds do not have to be all the same plants keep in mind taller plants may block sunlight to others. Keep drought tolerant plants grouped together. Depending on the climate, some plants may require watering daily. Therefore, having knowledge of the plants, their growth rates and watering needs is important.

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Natural rock will complement any landscaping design. However, placement is important to make it look naturally contrived. Many plants look at home in a bed of lava rocks while others that bloom and expand will hide the rock. Rocks and mulch not only provide looks they also provide protection from the harsh sun and cold. Mulching and rocks also helps to reduce moisture evaporation. Individuals can place large rocks in certain areas to encourage moss growth. The rocks must be in a shaded area and kept damp. An ideal placement would be around a backyard pond where the moss can receive moisture from the pond’s spray fountain.

Curb appeal is important if owners plan to sell their homes. The exterior is the first impression and if potential buyers do not like what they see, they may very well drive by. Well-kept lawns and trimmed shrubs encourage people to take a closer look. Plants even though many do not bloom all year can still look good through the winter months. Annuals must be planted yearly while perennials will go dormant in the winter months. Therefore, owners that want a winter landscape can mix perennials in with their annuals. Be sure and clean up any dead stalks, and cut back plants that allow pruning late in the winter.