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Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Watch Out For

You might have purchased the most beautiful-looking cabinets only to discover that the in-built storage space is not enough to accommodate your utensils! Think again before investing every single penny and make sure it’s worth what you get in return. A beautiful looking kitchen will soon turn into a nightmare if it doesn’t offer ease of practical usage. Here are other common renovation problems people have when renovating their kitchen…

Take time to layout a kitchen renovation plan and stick to it. It’s definitely your prerogative, but the more last minute changes you make, the more money will flow from your pocket. Additionally, you’ll delay the entire project.

Do not commit the mistake of replacing everything in sight in your kitchen. Instead think intelligently, and try to add a new look to all the useful existing stuff. That cooking range that you are just about to pay half of your monthly earnings for is too power-packed for your use. Just because it’s latest, doesn’t mean you have to own it!

Kitchen renovation requires you to consider a lot of diverse aspects. From lighting and flooring to countertops, sinks and cabinets; each facet needs to be assigned a perfect place and a perfect look. Avoid this common kitchen renovation mistake by deciding not to handle it all by yourself, and not ending up squandering a larger amount during the entire process.

Resist purchasing materials without a plan. Well, if you love those funky orange cabinets and get an intense urge to buy those, hold your horses! The new layout of your kitchen might not have enough space for their width! What happens to the staggering $4000 spent then? Make sure you have a perfect kitchen renovation design handy when you start making purchases. List out what you want to buy and stick to it.

You definitely don’t want to walk in your kitchen early in the morning and discover that it still smells of that Sushi from last night! Make sure your kitchen renovation design has enough room for good air circulation and make sure to place an exhaust fan at a strategic location.

Sink, refrigerator and cooking area, need to be space coordinated in such a manner that you experience a smooth work flow at all times. Placing the refrigerator or installing the sink far away from the cooking area can be a great hassle to tackle!

Be watchful and make sure you avoid these common kitchen renovation mistakes, so that your dream kitchen turns out to be a wonderful blend of beauty with brains.…

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Kitchen Renovation at Affordable Cost

It is necessary to be aware of the different basic steps that are usually involved while undertaking kitchen renovation task. It is essential to determine the goal of the cook house before undertaking affordable kitchen redesigning job. It is imperative to perform research work at an early stage. The type of materials that one desires to use for the countertops should be appropriately confirmed. It is also necessary to hold a clear idea about the exact appliances that need to be replaced in order to perform cook house redesigning job. The different kitchen accessories such as sink, stove and refrigerator should form the shape of a triangle. It is always desirable to add extra walking and eating space.
It is mandatory to hold a vivid idea about the exact location of the outlets. By having a clear idea about the location of the outlets, one can arrange the appliances in an effective and orderly manner. In order to perform kitchen renovation at an affordable rate it is mandatory for the sketches to include dimensions. Accurate dimensions will help to make an effective planning. One can always seek the help of kitchen designers who are known to provide additional renovation ideas. The measurements should be extremely accurate, otherwise performing kitchen remodeling job can be extremely difficult. The measurements should be taken by expert professionals.
Affordable kitchen renovation includes replacing different accessories such as door handles, cupboards and worktops. The above mentioned accessories are considered as true aesthetic additions. The additions play a major role in enticing buyers. Affordable renovation job involves replacing the cupboard items and worktops. It is possible to impart a true sense of style and chic by replacing the above mentioned household elements. Individuals who cannot undertake the burden involved in the replacement of worktops and cupboards can sand back cupboard doors and impart a paint covering. The above mentioned step is simple and can help to transform the entire outlook of the kitchen.…

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Top Foreclosed Condos Kitchen Renovation Tips

Since a foreclosed property may need a few touch ups here and there, you may be in for an instant home project. Some repairs are part- or section-specific, and if you are wondering which part of a pre-owned home that’s usually in need of a repair or renovation, that would most likely be the kitchen. Because apart from the bathroom, the kitchen is the part of the house that’s over used.
Now, if you have recently purchased or are renting out a foreclosed condo unit and you noticed that the kitchen is in dire need of a makeover, it doesn’t mean that you have to jump up and down and start pulling your hair out of frustration. Why? Because contrary to popular belief, kitchen renovations need not be expensive and time consuming. There are several ways to help give your kitchen a new look. Now to do this, deal with the project part-by-part, which means every part of your kitchen should be treated with utmost care and should be given enough attention.
1. Walls. Choose nice, clean and calm colors when painting the walls in your kitchen. Try bright colors such as sunshine or pastel yellow, light green and baby blue. The light color will create an illusion and will give your kitchen new and larger dimension. Aside from that the cool colors will give you the impression that the place is cool enough even if you are slaving away in front of the stove.
2. Floor. You really don’t need to install new tiles or floors, especially if the flooring is still in good shape. This will help you save more money since tiles, wood paneling and boards can be a bit expensive. But if the kitchen floor is a mess, you can contact suppliers that offer low priced, but high quality, materials for the repairs.
3. Use light colored drapes and blinds for your windows. But if you have a windowless kitchen, ask a trusted interior designer where you can install the appropriate lighting system to make your kitchen look bigger and brighter. Lighting fixtures installed under cabinets will work best for this type of kitchen. You may also arrange scented candles or odor eliminating candles on your kitchen counter to add light and make your condo kitchen look chic.
4. Paint your cabinets white. There are those that give off a glossy shine, this will help the light bounce back and around the room, without the need to install high powered light bulbs that consume a huge amount of electricity. Stainless steel cabinet handles creates a mirror effect as well.
5. Decorating your kitchen walls is also easy. If you have very limited space in your kitchen, you do not need bulky furniture – since those will only take up too much space. So to make sure that you have enough room to move around, install small shelves on your wall. The shelves will serve as decorations or wall accents and at the same time as storage area for some of your spices, cups and saucers.
These tips can surely help you transform a small condo kitchen into a room that looks spacious, elegant and up to date at the same time.…

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Essential Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Tips

The real sign of a remodeled home is how well the bathroom and kitchen have been renovated. These days’ buyers will judge your home by the look of your kitchen as well as the bathroom. Some homeowners prefer an open concept where their kitchen is on the display for all visitors and guest to see. In this article we will discuss various important kitchen and bathroom renovation tips to help you with your project.
There used to be a time when homeowners did not pay much attention to these rooms. These areas were simply utilized for their function. Today the kitchen is the central gathering where all family members join one another after a hard day at work to share a meal and socialize. In the same way the bathroom is seen as a place to relax and be comfortable. Below are some tips to consider before venturing out on your home improvement project.
Clarity and Budget
You need to measure the size of your bathroom and your kitchen so that you can determine how much room you have. Knowing this information is critical as you can determine what can be added and what does not fit. You then need to determine what you are trying to gain from your kitchen renovation project or from your bathroom makeover. Are you looking to add more cabinets, perform a simple make over, or are you looking at knocking down walls and do a full renovation. How much are you willing to spend and how much can you accomplish with your budget. Being clear helps you to get to where you want to go.
Where to Find Ideas
Start looking online as there are various sites that provide you with kitchen renovation ideas and bathroom remodeling ideas. You should also flip through the pages of home improvement magazines to see what style and ideas you would like to deploy. These designs will provide you with the theme that you can use in your renovation project.
Be Honest and Be Willing to Learn
This is not a time to let your ego get the better of you. You need to be frank with yourself and asses your skills. Ask yourself what you can do on your own and when to call in a hired hand. There is certainly some work that you can take on, such as painting the walls. You can also learn other simple tasks by taking advantage of various online training videos or free training classes provided by some suppliers such as Home Depot.
These trainings can assist you on doing some of the work that is not so difficult. For instance, if you are only replacing your existing counter top or bathroom sink, you could take advantage of these DIY training to reduce the cost of your renovation project by doing some of these work yourself.
Get Your Family Involved
Bathroom renovation or kitchen updating should not be a grim task. You can turn this to a family event by giving your family members a to-do list and making it fun. Working alongside one another to improve the overall quality of your life can be a fun and fulfilling activity.…

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Pros and Cons of Doing Your Own Kitchen Renovation

There are a lot of considerations when having kitchen renovations. In the age of today’s technology, you can see a lot of people working on their own kitchens. Working the craft reserved for renovators is a tough job. Though it takes mastery, you can learn it if you just allot time and effort.
Kitchen renovations today can really cost a lot of money especially when you are having the help of reputable contractors in your area. In terms of the quality of work delivered into your residence, you can say that their services can really be worth the money. As an alternative to renovation when having budget constrains, you may opt to do things on your own. This decision however should include weighing the pros and the cons.
1. You Can Save a Lot of Money
You can save a lot of money when you do things on your own considering that you don’t need to pay for the labor involved. You can allot the funds for better purposes if you are going to be able to do the right kitchen renovation in your home.
2. Get What You Really Wanted
If you are capable of doing DIY renovations, you can put what you want exactly how you pictured it on your mind. This is a common problem among renovators since they may not be able to translate what is on your mind.
3. Finish at Your Own Pace
The good thing with DIY renovations is that you can do things halfway. You may choose when to finish the other half without worries especially when you are running low on funds.
1. You may only worsen the situation
Renovators undergo certification process for a reason. If you are going to do things on your own with a 10 minute YouTube instructional as your basis, this will not really be a wise move.
2. You May Lose More Money
There is a chance that you could lose more money from a DIY renovation. This is because of the fact that contractors have discounts from those brands that provide materials for construction. For individuals planning to do their own kitchen renovations, it would really be ideal if you account the possible cost of the project.
If you are going to renovate your home, you need to realize that it takes years of practice in order to master even the simplest kitchen renovation procedures. Over the years, people have concentrated on improving their blue collar skills just for them to be involved directly to the changes that they want to apply on their homes. With these pros and cons, you can now evaluate whether or not this is a good or a bad move. For you to do your own kitchen renovation needs, you need to be confident enough with your skills plus the fact that you should be able to save a lot of money at the end of the project. If not, might as well try the help of expert renovators instead.…

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How to Choose a Kitchen Island – Alternatives For Small Spaces

Kitchen islands are in demand. Over 80 percent of homeowners say they want an island in a home they are buying or when undergoing a kitchen renovation. A kitchen island creates more counter space and more storage. It also helps maintain an open floor plan, allowing people to circulate easily throughout the room.
What do you do if your remodeled kitchen doesn’t have enough room for a kitchen island? Below are some ideas.
Portable Island: A portable island is a cart you can roll and tuck away when not in use. In addition to adding workspace, it also supplies storage for the items you use most frequently while cooking or entertaining.
Peninsula: If you can’t squeeze in an island during your kitchen renovation, consider a peninsula. A peninsula is similar to an island except that it is attached to the countertop at one end. Like an island, it offers counter and storage space while allowing access from different sides. You can also turn your peninsula into a breakfast bar by placing stools on one side.
Kitchen Hutch: If you’re renovating to create additional storage space, a hutch might do the trick. In addition to traditional styles, you can also find hutches to fit into corners, some of them quite small. Many hutches provide open shelf space for display and cabinet space below. You can find them with pull-out desk tops that allow you to keep your computer in the kitchen, and others include a convenient space for a microwave.
Cooking Table: Some tables can double as work areas or eating surfaces. Such a table would have a food preparation area, perhaps made of stainless steel, that opens up when needed. Some models even incorporate ceramic cooktops so you can heat food right at the table. When you’re not cooking, the table top folds up to create a dining surface.…

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Helping Your Kitchen Designer Figure the Best Plan For You

The first step to finding someone to help you with a great kitchen design in Toronto is to figure out your style and budget. The next step is to find a kitchen designer who will work with you to reconcile these two important aspects of your build or remodel. You need to find someone who knows how to tweak a design to fit your specific needs and preferences, and not just someone who will have to choose a design from a showroom.
When you first see a model kitchen that looks bright and immaculate, and is staged to seem homey and lived-in, it can really draw you in. But you need to keep in mind that this exact model may not be all that it’s cracked up to be. You may be attracted to certain qualities of the kitchen, but it might not suit your functional needs. You need to take into consideration how much counter space and the number of cabinets you will need. There are other such things to decide on, such as types of appliances and task lighting.
An important question to ask yourself is this: how much will you be using your kitchen? If you are an avid cook and entertainer, you will need more preparation and storage space, and you’ll probably want state of the art appliances.
A great way to figure out all of these aspects is to stand in the middle of your kitchen with a notepad and pen in hand and take inventory of what you have right now. What do you love about your current kitchen? What do you hate about it? What are the biggest must haves when you think about your dream kitchen? What are the things you would like to have, but are negotiable?
Include in your list the types of activities your kitchen serves. Is it a gathering place for friends and family? Should it be child safe? Maybe you are a professional chef and would like to have state of the art accommodations at home as well as work.
Having a list like this to present to your designer will be a huge help to them in assisting you in finding the design and materials that will best suit your needs and wants. This will clue them in to what is most important to you and your lifestyle. Being on the same page as your designer when it comes to these details will save a lot of time in asking questions and making decisions.…