Recycle or Give to Charity Items from Your Demolished Shed

Sheds that are not used for a long time can invite critters and small animals to come in and set up home. If you have been staring at an old raggedy shed in the back yard for a while, it might be time to call in the experts to demolish it and haul away the waste.

Shed removal and demolition projects may include taking down sheet metal, wood or plastic sheds. Demolition companies have the right equipment and strong people to handle any type of shed you may want removed. You will not have to lift a finger.

Demolition is the taking down of a man-made structure. Small buildings like sheds are an easy demolition because they are usually only one story. Demolition is the complete destruction of the building.

A small shed could either be pulled down manually or some equipment could be used to mechanically take the shed down. Larger sheds may need cranes, bulldozers, or excavators. Not too many sheds are big enough to need a wrecking ball. If the shed is made of masonry, it may need the wrecking ball. The wrecking ball method is not as controlled or as efficient as other methods. It will all depend on the size of your shed.

The manual demolition of any building will need some prep work before the demolition can take place. Even in a shed there may be asbestos. That needs to be addressed first. Then all hazardous materials need to be taken out. Permits are needed, notifications need to be given to the proper people and utilities need to be disconnected. Safety rules need to be followed and a work plan should be drawn up.

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The demolition of a shed will leave you with some waste to be taken care of. Usually a wheel barrel and a couple of strong people can put all the waste into the back of a pick-up truck. What you need to watch for is the nails, any insulation the shed might have had, electrical wiring, shingles and roofing.

Some of the materials may be recycled but the waste that is not, will need to go to a landfill. Proper disposal of the materials must be followed. Wood can be recycled. It can be reused, burned as bioenergy or repurposed. Any metal scraps in your shed can go to a salvage place that focuses on re-selling it or recycling it for other products.

Many shed removal companies have recycling facilities and special charities that they work with to keep as much material out of the landfills. Whatever items you do not want but are reusable, will go to a charity. Items that you do want will be set aside for you to take care of yourself. The company will then either recycle or give to charity the rest of your items that are still good. This makes the job a more environmentally friendly process. It has been seen that as much as 60 percent of what is taken out of people’s sheds can be used or recycled by someone else.