Little Spoken: What the Stonemason Tried to Tell You

Chances are what started the argument is staring you in the face. The crack that runs from the foundation and slowly curves up the wall only splinters around the back door when you turn your head to forget. Ignoring the spiral is not going to fix the problem, neither is the cosmetic treatment with an epoxy mortar patch. Instead, call a stonemason. Sometimes hiring skilled labor is preferable. That means skip the DIY desperation and spend the money to invest in your family’s future. As a guideline, remember to practice planned spending as the best defense to draining your savings. So, for that ever-spreading crack by the backdoor let us discuss the basics of masonry signs of a good contractor.


Stonemasonry uses stone to create architectural structures. Worldwide, thousands of buildings and supporting structures made of stone, have lasted for centuries. The basic craft consists of hewing rock into precise shapes. The stones are then grouped together with mortar to form bridges, schools, houses, etcetera.

Contrary to popular belief, to become a stonemason, one must enroll in training that may last over seven years. Course design incorporates hands-on practice as well as developing a fundamental working knowledge of different types of stones. This command of a wide breadth of information assists a graduating mason in deciding to specialize or adjust to meet the needs of a contract. Many Masonry Work Services rochester ny try to reflect the variations of this trained acumen.


Some consumer advocates swear by the Better Business Bureau; others tout services like Angie’s List when it comes to finding a contractor. All of those services write about the fundamentals of hiring a contractor, but what makes the difference in service from a contractor’s point of view? Here are some points to fleshing an argument:

  • Does the contractor have a local business reputation? If so, awareness demonstrates a well-used business known in the community for excellent workmanship. Also, a contractor with an association or membership with local and/or regional conservancy groups will have a support system and knowledge base to resource for all jobs.
  • High-quality craftsmanship requires an instinctive and intrinsic understanding of design. Do the references provided reflect that? Is the design integrity of the building preserved or violated? Trends are important but being well versed in a town’s history prevents anguish brought on by a historical preservation board.
  • If your contractor is a grunt and dirty work enthusiast, reliability and efficiency are daily watchwords while on the job. They are also determined to keep with the schedule that you set; everyone’s time is valued.
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Assured and Right

Having a plan of approach is tantamount to success when hiring a stonemason contractor. From repair and conservation to commercial and residential enhancement, keep in mind that a mason exists for every job and every need. Asking targeted questions, to know skill and business acumen, will always lead to a job appreciated by all parties involved.