Landscaping With Rocks For Your Garden Design

Landscaping With Rocks For Your Garden Design

Trees, shrubs and flowers always look good in any garden, especially if properly maintained, but landscaping with rocks, adds to your overall garden design. The next time you are thinking of new landscaping ideas, why not try incorporating a few rocks into your plan?

Landscaping with rocks can sound like a contradiction for some people, especially when you consider that most people actually hate having tiny rocks in their garden, and they spend countless hours just trying to pick them all up and remove them from the lawn.

There are several kinds of rocks that look fantastic among the plants and grass in your garden, particularly if you arrange it in a unique way that depicts your personality.

When selecting rocks to use in your yard, try to select the ones that have considerable weight, so that they won’t easily be eroded away by rain, strong winds, or people walking over them.

A couple of the classic ways to do landscaping with rocks is to arrange the rocks as borders of the path leading up the house and as decorative linings that can be placed around the larger trees. These designs are typically found in most suburban front yards, and they do work quite well in giving the home a quaint and charming look.

While these are undoubtedly the most popular designs in landscaping with rocks, there are a million other ways of using these natural structures to enhance the look of your garden. You can use small pieces for accents, and you can also create an entire rock garden, making them the central element of the yard.

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Large flat chunks of rocks can also be frequently used as the foundation for garden paths both in the front and the back yard, while smaller ones such as gravel and pebbles may be used as mulch substitutes.

Small rocks do have the risk of being easily displaced so you may also want to consider using flagstones as another alternative in your landscaping. The options are aplenty, and you only have your imagination to set the limits.

There are several advantages to landscaping with rocks, the most distinctive of which is the reduced amount of soil erosion and the look of contained garden beds. A well designed yard with the use of rocks can give a whole new dimension to the look and feel of your home. There are so many landscaping ideas for you to use, this is just one.