How Do You Plan Your Garden Efficiently?

How Do You Plan Your Garden Efficiently?

You shouldn’t be too excited in starting your own garden. You can’t just roll up your sleeves and get dirty, although this is usually the fun part. There are a lot of things to consider before planting those seeds and watering them. You should plan your garden before planting seeds. There are no rules in planning your own garden, of course. Most of these tips I’m about to share with you are just guidelines to help you maintain your own garden. Creative gardeners read garden design books the way creative cooks read recipe books. Also, to make those tips successful so your efforts won’t be put to a waste after some time.

You should consider where you live. There are places that are too cold or too hot to be able to plant in your garden. Are you living in a place that has a temperature that is bearable by plants? You should ask yourself this to see if your plants could survive in your garden. It would be useless for you to even think of planting or starting your own garden if you live in a place that is too hot or too cold to even live in. If you’re place is too hot or too cold for your plant to survive in, you can always create a small space for your plant that is isolated and enclosed, but sunlight can still come in, so that you can control the temperature. With this, you are in control of the temperature.

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The next thing to consider would be your garden’s space. Is it big enough to grow large plants or just right to manage small plants? There are some plants that, even though they look small, require big space for them to grow nicely and/or properly. Always do research when planning your garden so that you won’t fail in making your garden beautiful. Your garden’s space will also determine the quantity of plants that you can place in it. Do not let your plants get too overcrowded otherwise; they will fail to grow in the right way.

After determining your space, then you can seek the right kind of plant to place in your garden. Since you have finally found out the space for your garden, then this is the time to choose what plant would fit in it.

Then, after planning for your own garden, you can actually start planting your seeds. Always remember that all plants need direct sunlight for at least 5 hours a day. If you live in a place where the sun doesn’t appear for at least 5 hours a day, there are plants suitable for that situation. Another thing to remember is that your plants need to be watered everyday. Do not allow your garden bed to be dry but don’t let them drown either. Let your soil be moist always, never dry. Another tip is that don’t let the taller plants block the sunlight for the smaller plants. Make sure that when you plant the seeds, your taller plants won’t have the tendency to block the smaller ones.

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Planning your own garden is fun and it gives you the chance to show your creativity. Again, these are just guidelines. They’re made to help you plan your garden into a success. You just have fun and learn from mistakes. From mistakes, you grow, just like your plants!