How Do I Make a Garden Gnome Tree?

How Do I Make a Garden Gnome Tree?

Making a garden gnome tree is easy and is a lot of fun too. Decide on a suitable tree in the garden to house your gnome collection, and this way the rest of the garden design is unaffected by the Lawn gnome invasion look.

The tree you choose should have plenty of surrounding shrubs and bushes to add to the mystery of the gnome world you are about to create.

A front door, little steps, windows etc can be brought or made to suit the size of your gnomes and fixed onto the tree trunk. The front door of the gnome home should be the same size as your gnomes so it looks more believable that they actually live in the tree. Add a few domestic type items such as a door handle, letterbox, a doormat and round window frames with curtains. You could even add a little wooden staircase winding up the side of the tree trunk that leads to another door higher up the tree.

Maybe you could give the tree some decoration, paint a picket fence around the base, add a tiny electric meter box or a hat stand. Leave small garden tools around the tree to give the effect of gnomes at work. Another great idea is to make a little winding path out of broken tiles, marbles or colored stones which leads to and from the gnome tree home. By now your gnome tree should be starting to look really magical and gnome-like with lots of original design ideas being put to work.

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However, you can have a gnome tree even if you do not have any gnomes of your own. They could be invisible gnomes that you have to imagine!

Another option, you could get a local artist to make some original gnomes for you, creating a unique collection. You might need to sit down and try and design your own ideas of gnomes to give the artist or sculptor and idea of what you want made.

The gnome tree is a sure way of making a special spot for younger children in the garden. Kids love the idea of finding a gnome garden hidden in their own yard. Also it is another way to encourage children to enjoy being outdoors in a safe environment, looking closer at nature and playing make believe. Mums, dads, grandparents and family members can all enjoy adding to children’s enjoyment of the gnome tree with little added touches to the design and new gnomes maybe?

Add a little post box on the tree for children to write letters to their favorite garden gnomes and they are likely to make use of it when they run out of things to do and complain about being bored. The gnome home theme ties in with the tradition of dolls houses and Wendy houses except the environment also encourages a love of outdoors and nature.

The same idea can be applied to a garden rockery if one is not fortunate enough to have a suitable tree around which to house your gnomes. Both environments allow for an enjoyable, pleasant expression of creativity and after all, ones garden should be a place where you can be light-hearted and tasteful at the same time. A word of caution though, gnomes randomly scattered throughout a garden can spoil it’s appearance especially if they are of different designs colors and sizes and out of proportion with each other. I am sure that if you follow the advice offered here and apply the universal principles of good design, your garden and gnomes should be able to live together in harmony without causing offense. If not, well maybe you might consider employing the services of a reputable Garden Lawn Gnome Consultant, to ensure success.

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