Home Maintenance – Get the Right Wife

So how did I get out of doing maintenance around the home? I married the right woman. Here is how it happened.
I had been divorced for about ten years, living in a town home in Nebraska. I had a very responsible job and worked long hours. This left little time to do home repairs around the house. In fact it was so bad, I could not lock the front door. All you had to do was push on the door with your shoulder and it would open.
I met my current wife and after we got engaged, she moved in. Shortly after she moved in, I came home from work one night, put my shoulder to the door and almost broke my shoulder. The door was actually shut. I turned the handle and the door opened normally. My future wife met me at the door and said she had fixed it. Even though I was not looking for a woman to do home repairs, I knew then I had found a diamond in her abilities.
After we got married I asked her what she wanted for Christmas. Out came this list of tools she wanted to do maintenance on the home we lived in. Such items as levelers, saws, drills, jig saws, etc. was what she wanted. And that is what I got her.
So if you want to get out of the honey do list, find a women who wants to do maintenance around the home like I did.

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