Effective Ways of Getting Rid of Mice from Your House

Have you noticed a foul smell in your house lately? Do you hear scratching sounds on the walls or some small seed-shaped droppings in your house? Then the chances are that you have an unwanted visitor in your house. Having rodents, especially mice in your house is not only scary, but it also poses serious health concerns to the people living in that house. Furthermore, mice are extremely destructive creatures, and when they go uncontrolled, they can easily cause a lot of damage.

Health Problems Caused by Mice Infestation

According to reports released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), apart from destroying household items, mice can also cause serious health concerns when they come into contact with humans. They are known as carriers for several dreadful diseases such as tularemia, salmonellosis, plague, hemorrhagic diseases and leprosy. Besides, they also carry harmful bacteria which are spread through the droppings and fur.

Just imagine of all the places the mice could have gone to before crawling to your kitchen, beds or even tables. For now, it could just be one mouse, but remember that their populations multiply rapidly. Therefore, instead of dealing with one mouse, you will find yourself dealing with a whole family. Their little ones could bring fleas, mites, lice and loads of bacteria. Finally, you can imagine how your house will smell like if these creatures die inside the walls or in your cabinets? It’s just disgusting! Right!

Identifying Mice Infestation

Just like other rodents, you can easily identify mice in your house through their activity or by spotting them. Mice will chew on your clothes, shoes, electrical cables and even on the walls. If mice are in your house, then you are likely to hear noises on the ceiling, roof or attic. You can also easily find their seed-sized droppings in different parts of the house.

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How to Get Rid of Rodents from Your House

From the childhood stories, we all know that mice aren’t easy to catch. Once mice find a route to your home, they will easily identify major food sources and places to hide. Thus, it would be difficult to trap them using one piece of cheese, as most people do.
Furthermore, killing one mouse at a time may take you a lot of time to get rid of the entire family in your house. If mice find a way into your house, then you will need to use a combination of techniques to get rid of them. Therefore, if you want to eliminate mice, then look out for a mice extermination fairfax va expert, and relax as professionals perform their job.

General Information about Mice

Mice and rats have almost similar features that make it hard for many people to tell them apart. Mice are generally smaller than rats, and they have a brown or gray fur. An adult mouse measures about seven and a half inches long, including the tail. Mice have a short lifespan of about one year, and they produce an average of 6-10 litters annually. Mice will feed on almost everything, but they prefer insects and seeds.