Build an Herb Garden Indoors

Build an Herb Garden Indoors

Herbs pack a lot of flavor for everyday dishes. These aromatic plants thrive well in any environment and make for pretty ornaments too. Extend your gardening season by building a herb garden indoors during the cold winter months.

Growing your herbs indoors ensures that you will have a steady supply of herbs all throughout the cold season. If you end up having more, you can always dry them up for future use. You can also use the herbs to infuse flavors on homemade vinaigrettes. With so many uses for herbs, you will not run out of reasons why you should have your own herb garden indoors.

Dig Them Up

Winter’s are harsh on your herbs. To protect them from the extreme cold of winter, dig up your herbs from the ground and get ready to transplant them indoors. To do this, you need to take care around the roots to avoid killing the plants.

Use Pots

Pots are decorative containers which you can use for planting your herbs. Alternatively, you can use planters for that purpose. Your pot or planter should be roomy enough to accommodate the root ball of your herb. Put some gardening soil halfway through the pot and place the root-ball on top of it. Fill the pot up to near the brim with some more soil and water it thoroughly. Your pot should have a big enough hole at the bottom for drainage.

Once transplanted, you can leave your plants outdoors in a shaded area. Leave them for about a week until they get acclimatized to their new location. Bring the potted herbs indoors and blast off the soil with water to get rid of pests that may have made their homes in your plants while they were outdoors.

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Give Them Plenty of Sunlight

Though your plants will be sitting indoors for the next couple of months, they still need plenty of sun in order to grow. Place the potted herbs on windowsills or anywhere inside the hours where there’s plenty of sunlight. Let them stay under the sun for six to eight hours a day.

Increase the humidity level around the plants by misting them once a week. Water the soil to keep it moist or depending on the needs of your herbs. Finally, pinch the tips of the stems to stimulate growth.

Once you do these, your plants will thrive well indoors and you’ll have a steady supply of fresh herbs to flavor your food or to bring wonderful aroma to your home.